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What kind of Christmas trees are there?

  • The common Nordmann Fir has magnificent shiny needles which are of deep green colour. The branches are strong and even, perfect for carrying heavy ornaments and this tree lasts quite a long time and stays fresh looking.
  • The Noble Fir has terrific soft blue-green needles and its branches are even and strong as well. As the Nordmann Fir, this tree is perfect for heavy ornaments.

The Pine is also used as a Christmas tree. There is a range of pines of which you can choose:

  • Afghan Pine, or Eldarica Pine, which is native to the Mediterranean region. It has symmetrical branches and long dark green needles.
  • Austrian Pine which is native across Europe, Asia and northwest Africa. It has dark green needles.
  • Red Pine which is native to northwestern North America. It has dark green leaves.
  • Ponderosa Pine which is native in western North America. It has dark grey-green needles.
  • Scots Pine, also seen as Scotch Pine, which is native to Europe and Asia. It has dark green leaves.
  • Virginia Pine which is native from Long Island to western Tennessee and Alabama.
  • It is often used as a Xmas tree and it has short yellow green needles, and the White Pine which is native to North America and this one has green needles.
  • The Spruce has a pyramidal shape. There are about 35 different species of which some are used as Xmas trees. The Blue Spruce, or the Colorado blue spruce, is an attractive tree often used for Christmas trees. It has a pyramidal shape, a cone-shaped crown and it is perfectly symmetrical. This one has wonderful blue leaves.
  • The Douglas-fir is not related to the true firs. It has spreading to hanging branches and the needles are dark green or blue green. This tree is perfect for fine and light decoration.

By the way, until the tree can be placed in your living-room it has been growing for about 8-15 years. Which is quite a long time.

Another option to the real wood tree is the artificial Christmas tree made of plastic and metal. Some trees are already decorated and you can use them year after year without having too much effort. Whoever prefers to decorate by themself and maybe even prefers to do handicrafts can use the pre-Xmas time to get into a cheery and merry Christmas mood.

How to decorate the tree is a really tricky question. There are so many articles you could buy to decorate it. You could keep it simple and just decorate your tree with straw stars, wooden stars and figures. You might want to decorate your tree, as people in former times used to, with delicious apples and colourful sweets. But, maybe you are just the kind of person who prefers Xmas balls, tinsel and electric lights. Whichever decoration you choose, you may not forget to place a star at the top of the tree, for this star represents the star of Bethlehem.

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