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Disposal of trees:

After Christmas is over when and how do I get rid of my tree and what is best for the environment?

Date of removal: What time you get rid of the tree, which by now has spent quite a good time with you and your family, on, believe it or not, which confession you belong to. The Protestants usually start de-decorating the tree at the beginning of January (Epiphany 06.01), whereas the Catholics start at the beginning of February (Candlemas 02.02).

Way of removal and what is best for the environment:

Sooner or later you will face the question where to deposit the tree. Again hereto there are so many different answers.
  • An inflatable tree is of course easy to get rid of, here you simply have to pull out the plug and deposit it somewhere neatly until next X-mas.
  • For those who have had a natural Christmas tree it is nearly as simple. Nearly all cities offer a recycling program and are surely happy about keeping a clean city. The trees are collected on special dates, commonly the greenery recycling pick-up date, and the trees are turned into compost or mulch so that renewable sources are returned back to the environment. Please cut the trees in half if they are very long, this is definitely a big help for the guys getting rid of your tree. Even trees with artificial snow are accepted, so please do not illegally dump your tree or any other items, please help keep our cities clean.
  • What about the artificial tree? Here we have different solutions again. Best, of course, is to store the tree in a safe place, as in a box or a storage container, so that it does not get damaged and then it can be used year after year. Nevertheless, statistics show that most trees are thrown away after about 10 years. Seeing it is made of plastic it is surely best to bring it to a recycling centre instead of throwing it into the garbage.
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