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The history of the Christmas tree:

Not only one story exists to this topic for everybody has their own traditional story. Here we would simply like to highlight the tradition of placing trees into our living rooms.

The custom of placing a tree at Christmastime is quite young.
It was not until the 19th century that the coniferous tree, a tree that produces cones has needles and stays green all year, named Xmas tree, became modern.
The decorated Christmas tree was first mentioned at the end of the medieval times. A precise date cannot be stated.

What can be said is that the guild houses put up evergreen trees in the 16th century and these were richly decorated. The literates of the 18th century give details on how the tradition spread.
Goethe for instance wrote in his "The-Sorrows-of-Young-Werther" of the paradisal delight at the sight of a tree decorated with apples, wax candles and sweets.
In the 19th century E.T.A. Hoffman presents the Christmas tree as the main object during the celebration of Christmas in his work "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King".

The Christmas tree is said to have spread from Germany to England and from there on to the USA and eventually it spread its way throughout the world.

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