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Safety questions:

This wonderful time of year is sadly also one of the most dangerous. Fire hazard is highest at Christmas time and New Year's Eve. Many people love the warm light of wax candles on the Christmas tree and the wonderful smell of real bees wax on the advent wreath.

Some easy tips you should follow:

  • Always be careful and pay attention to open fires.
  • Never leave children and/or pets alone in a room where candles or any open
    light source are burning.
  • Blow out all candles before you go to bed or leave the house or apartment.
  • Exchange all candles before they have completely burnt down.
  • Place your advent wreath on a fireproof underlay.
  • Freshly cut trees loose less leaves and contain more moistness,
    so these will not burn as fast as dry trees and leaves.
  • Do not leave paper wrappings under the tree with burning candles.
  • Keep the tree away from furniture and curtains.
  • Be sure that the tree is in a stable position and cannot tip over.

Last but not least:

Even if you might think this idea is strange and you think it might be over cautious a bucket full of water in your living-room can save lives or simply a lot of money. A fireproof blanket can be helpful to stop the fire, if it starts. Safety is an important matter everybody should think about.

Nevertheless, Christmas is also a good time to teach young children how to handle candles in a safe and secure manner, certainly only when adults are around. Do not forget to teach them the emergency phone number of your country and what to say in case of an emergency. The international emergency phone number for GSM mobile phone networks is 112 and in all European Union countries the number is also 112. In America the emergency number is 911 or 311, in the UK it is 999 and in Australia it is 000.

We wish you all a merry Christmas!

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